Fish Tank Heaters: When to Use Them and When to Ditch Them

I used to keep fish aquariums with my Dad when I was little. We researched all sorts of tropical fish, and the temperature ranges their environments needed to be kept in. I’ve recently started keeping fish again and decided to brush up my tank-heating knowledge. When do you need a heater and when don’t you? … Read more

Vertical vs. Horizontal Aquarium Heaters: Which is Better?

Choosing the right heater for your aquarium is paramount to the survival and well being of your fish. Unless you want to heat up your entire house all through the year you need to get a high quality attachable heater. While some heaters are specifically made to be placed horizontally or vertically, most models and … Read more

How to know if your Aquarium Heater is Working

An Aquarium heater is the most needed piece of equipment inside the tank setup, aside from maybe the filter. The aquarium filter helps provide the optimal environment for your fish. Knowing how to tell if your aquarium heater is working can help you with keeping your fish alive and comfortable all year round.   How … Read more