Can A Fish Tank Filter Catch Fire?

New tank owners quickly understand they should leave their aquarium filter running all the time. However, they may worry there can be issues with something electrical running all the time around water for the uninitiated. It raises many questions and one of the most concerning being. Can a fish tank filter catch fire? It is … Read more

Can an Aquarium Filter Be Too Big or Too Strong?

One of the most vital parts of any aquarium setup is the filter. While new tank owners, may purchase all-in-one solutions that come with a tank and a filter. There are occasions where either the filter dies, or they upgrade the size of their tank. It is common sense that a new filter that is … Read more

Should an Aquarium Filter Be on All the Time?

When new tank owners begin setting up their systems, there are a couple of things; they may not understand. They make all the investment and research as much as they can about their fish; they know what food and what the water levels are to be for the pH and everything else. It comes to … Read more