Can You Use BBQ Charcoal for Aquariums?

Many types of aquarium filters do a good job of cleaning all the toxins, waste, and contaminants from the water.  One of the oldest water purifiers known to man has been charcoal, and over the years, it has been used for hundreds of different purposes. New tank owners may read that charcoal possesses these properties, … Read more

How Many Hours of Darkness do Fish Need?

Fish are one of the most popular pets in the USA and can outnumber cats and dogs. Unlike these, fish are unable to fend for themselves, so they do need care and attention. You can find different types of aquariums, be it tropical or cold water. What some tank owners don’t know in the beginning … Read more

Should an Aquarium Filter Be on All the Time?

When new tank owners begin setting up their systems, there are a couple of things; they may not understand. They make all the investment and research as much as they can about their fish; they know what food and what the water levels are to be for the pH and everything else. It comes to … Read more

Does Aquarium Salt Expire?

When taking care of fish, the ultimate aim is to help them live as long as possible. One way aquarium owners can help do this is by the addition of aquarium salt. This addition helps with gill movement in fish, and thus helps them to breathe easier. Another area is it helps to put electrolytes … Read more

Do Fish Tanks Need Lids?

Aquariums are an ever-increasing pastime, yet when there are individuals who come to begin their first fish tank, they are often torn between tanks without lids and tanks without. While there is a price difference between the two, and they obviously appear very different from each other. There is that lingering question that is often … Read more

Can You Use 2 Filters in a Fish Tank?

Any aquarium owner will have concerns regarding the cleanliness of the water in their fish tank. Owners see these come about for several reasons, such as the health of their fish, removing any waste accumulation from the water, and having a clear and unobstructed view of inside their tank. We then have questions of whether … Read more

Can Land Moss Grow in Aquarium?

You may be new to aquariums, or you have had one for a while and think the tank appears a little barren. While there is all manner of castles and ornament s you can buy, these are not often befitting a classy aquarium. Your tank may lack color, and you begin to wonder what you … Read more