Should Mollies Be Kept in Pairs?

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Can Guppies Live with Goldfish?

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Can You Use Normal Soil in an Aquarium?

One of the best ways to have lush underwater plant life in your aquarium is to use a substrate. While there are many, soil can be one of the best to promote this plant life. It is simple to purchase soils that are ideal for use straight away in an aquarium such as Amazonia Soil, … Read more

Should Pregnant Mollies Be Separated?

Mollies are one of the most popular fish for aquariums. They are a good choice for new enthusiasts because they are easy to care for. Mollies can come in many varieties and colors, and they all have their characteristics. Mollies are live-bearing fish and give birth to live young instead of laying eggs. Tank owners … Read more

Can an Aquarium Filter Be Too Big or Too Strong?

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Can You Use BBQ Charcoal for Aquariums?

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How Many Hours of Darkness do Fish Need?

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