Why Do Cichlids Eat Sand and Gravel?

Cichlids are beautiful fish species and most people spend hours looking at them through their aquariums. If you have had a close-up look at your cichlids, you are probably wondering: “why do cichlids eat sand and gravel?” Many cichlid species prefer gravel and sand substrate because it contains particles that aid in their digestion. You … Read more

Are Lava Rocks Good for Aquariums?

There are many kinds of aquarium hardscape available, and lava rocks are one of the kinds most often considered. But using many kinds of natural hardscape can be detrimental to fish depending on its chemical properties and where it was collected. Are lava rocks good for aquariums? The answer is yes, lava rocks are good … Read more

How to Tell a Molly from a Platy

For longtime at home aquarists, years of experience with both Mollies and Platys might make this an easy differentiation to make. However, for many just getting started with at home aquariums, and for some with plenty of experience, telling apart a Molly from a Platy can be easier said than done. So, how to tell … Read more

Why Fish Tanks Get Dirty Fast and How to Prevent It

Keeping an aquarium is a great way to add beauty and interest to your home and a popular source of relaxation, education, and entertainment. Like most hobbies, there is no limit to the options you can choose to personalize your aquariums. Whether you keep it simple or enjoy the challenge of tackling complicated projects, you’ll … Read more

20 Fish to Keep With Mollies

Mollies are one of the most beautiful species of fish to keep in an aquarium. They come in ravishing colors and shapes, but there are only certain fish we can keep in a tank with them. Each species have their own unique personalities and qualities. There are so many you can choose from. Although they … Read more

20 Signs That Your Guppy is Sick

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know if something is wrong with your guppy. Fish can’t tell you when they’re feeling ill. In order to diagnosis your guppy, you’ll need to notice the signs of a sick fish. Some of the signs that your guppy is sick are: Spots on the body Decreasing appetite Swollen … Read more

Are Air Stones Good and Safe for Aquariums?

When putting together your aquarium, you want to have a setup that is both healthy for your fish and visually pleasing for humans. Some accessories, such as plants and underwater “houses” are fairly easy to see as safe. Others, such as air stones, can be a little sketchy-looking to newbie aquarium owners.  Are air stones … Read more