How to Change Fish Tank Water (Without killing your fish)

Even when your water is not cloudy, it can still need cleaned.  If you stir up your substrate, you are likely to find the water suddenly cloudy, showing that the tank and water need cleaning.  However, everyone has heard of that person that cleaned their tank and then all their fish died.  It is important … Read more

Are Lava Rocks Good for Aquariums?

There are many kinds of aquarium hardscape available, and lava rocks are one of the kinds most often considered. But using many kinds of natural hardscape can be detrimental to fish depending on its chemical properties and where it was collected. Are lava rocks good for aquariums? The answer is yes, lava rocks are good … Read more

Why Fish Tanks Get Dirty Fast and How to Prevent It

Keeping an aquarium is a great way to add beauty and interest to your home and a popular source of relaxation, education, and entertainment. Like most hobbies, there is no limit to the options you can choose to personalize your aquariums. Whether you keep it simple or enjoy the challenge of tackling complicated projects, you’ll … Read more

Here’s Why Fish Tanks Shouldn’t be In Direct Sunlight

There is nothing like having a new fish tank. However, when the tank owners set them up at home, they can find that their location isn’t the ideal place for their tank. They go through getting everything right for their fish, and then it all falls to pieces when they sit their tank into position. … Read more

Does Aquarium Gravel Go Bad?

Once you begin to take care of fish and you have an aquarium. There can be preventative maintenance you are unaware of in the beginning. Aquariums that have been in use for extended periods will face issues, and if not tended to, it can lead to dirty water and unexpected dead fish. New tanks can … Read more