Why Do Cichlids Eat Sand and Gravel?

Cichlids are beautiful fish species and most people spend hours looking at them through their aquariums. If you have had a close-up look at your cichlids, you are probably wondering: “why do cichlids eat sand and gravel?” Many cichlid species prefer gravel and sand substrate because it contains particles that aid in their digestion. You … Read more

Are Air Stones Good and Safe for Aquariums?

When putting together your aquarium, you want to have a setup that is both healthy for your fish and visually pleasing for humans. Some accessories, such as plants and underwater “houses” are fairly easy to see as safe. Others, such as air stones, can be a little sketchy-looking to newbie aquarium owners.  Are air stones … Read more

Why Aquarium Plants Go Transparent and What to Do

If you want to be connected with nature, owning an aquarium can be such a beautiful experience. If you are thinking of owning an aquarium, there is an incredible amount of science to understand before you can keep your sea life alive and not going the transparent shade of death. If your plants start going … Read more

How Do I Stop My Betta From Eating Other Fishes Food?

Seeing that your Betta has an appetite is relieving, but can quickly turn frustrating when they don’t allow a chance to eat for the others. Your Betta may seem like a bully with how quickly it attacks your pellets. They can even seem insatiable at times if you continue dropping food into the tank for … Read more

Fish Tank Heaters: When to Use Them and When to Ditch Them

I used to keep fish aquariums with my Dad when I was little. We researched all sorts of tropical fish, and the temperature ranges their environments needed to be kept in. I’ve recently started keeping fish again and decided to brush up my tank-heating knowledge. When do you need a heater and when don’t you? … Read more

Why Fish Stay at the Bottom of the Tank & How You Can Help

If you’re feeling panicked because you’ve noticed that your fish are laying on the bottom of your tank, then know you aren’t alone. Whether you’re an experienced fish owner or you’re a newbie, seeing your favorite swimming friends sitting at the bottom of your aquarium can be distressing. Why do fish stay at the bottom … Read more

Vertical vs. Horizontal Aquarium Heaters: Which is Better?

Choosing the right heater for your aquarium is paramount to the survival and well being of your fish. Unless you want to heat up your entire house all through the year you need to get a high quality attachable heater. While some heaters are specifically made to be placed horizontally or vertically, most models and … Read more