Can You Use BBQ Charcoal for Aquariums?

Many types of aquarium filters do a good job of cleaning all the toxins, waste, and contaminants from the water.  One of the oldest water purifiers known to man has been charcoal, and over the years, it has been used for hundreds of different purposes. New tank owners may read that charcoal possesses these properties, … Read more

Should an Aquarium Filter Be on All the Time?

When new tank owners begin setting up their systems, there are a couple of things; they may not understand. They make all the investment and research as much as they can about their fish; they know what food and what the water levels are to be for the pH and everything else. It comes to … Read more

Can You Use 2 Filters in a Fish Tank?

Any aquarium owner will have concerns regarding the cleanliness of the water in their fish tank. Owners see these come about for several reasons, such as the health of their fish, removing any waste accumulation from the water, and having a clear and unobstructed view of inside their tank. We then have questions of whether … Read more