Are Power Filters Worth It?

Whether you are just getting into aquariums or you have had one for a while; the question always comes up. Are power filters worth it? Weighing in on the pros’ and cons’ can be challenging when everyone has a different opinion about power filters. Are Power filters worth it? Yes, power filters provide mechanical and … Read more

Can You Use a TV Stand for an Aquarium?

When a new aquarium owner begins building their tank, they often overlook one thing. It isn’t only where you will be locating your aquarium because this does come with a host of suitable areas and unsuitable areas. However, it is what to use as a base. One of the most accessible things around the home … Read more

Can an Aquarium Filter Be Too Big or Too Strong?

One of the most vital parts of any aquarium setup is the filter. While new tank owners, may purchase all-in-one solutions that come with a tank and a filter. There are occasions where either the filter dies, or they upgrade the size of their tank. It is common sense that a new filter that is … Read more