Can a Betta Fish Live With a Hermit Crab?

Aquarium owners often want to add something new to their tank to make it unique. In the case of tank owners who have a Betta and they want to give it some company, they often arise at adding crabs. In theory, these have protection against the Betta, and they shouldn’t pose too much of a … Read more

Can Crabs Live with Goldfish?

When a tank owner builds their community aquarium, they often want to introduce various species to create a real underwater environment. Rather than adding more fish, some tank owners choose snails or even crabs. Sometimes, this can be a brilliant mix, although it may not be as clear if you have goldfish. Can crabs live … Read more

Can A Fish Tank Filter Catch Fire?

New tank owners quickly understand they should leave their aquarium filter running all the time. However, they may worry there can be issues with something electrical running all the time around water for the uninitiated. It raises many questions and one of the most concerning being. Can a fish tank filter catch fire? It is … Read more

How to Change Fish Tank Water (Without killing your fish)

Even when your water is not cloudy, it can still need cleaned.  If you stir up your substrate, you are likely to find the water suddenly cloudy, showing that the tank and water need cleaning.  However, everyone has heard of that person that cleaned their tank and then all their fish died.  It is important … Read more

Are Saltwater Aquariums Hard to Maintain? A Beginner’s Guide

Saltwater aquariums have a somewhat undeserved reputation for being extremely hard to maintain, and this has deterred many people who would otherwise really enjoy the hobby of saltwater fishkeeping from starting up a saltwater tank.  Are saltwater aquariums hard to maintain? The answer is no, a saltwater aquarium is not hard to maintain, provided some … Read more